Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Marketing or SMM specializes in brand awareness.  We use a proven strategy that has helped million dollar businesses engage with their audience.  Our posts include educational, informational, engaging and humorous content.  Whatever your brand wishes to portray, we are able to target your customers effectively.

Top Quality Content Posts

Besides be relevant to your industry, We go above and beyond to ensure every post includes a hi-res photo as well as the correct hashtags and Geo-tags attached. These posts will not just attract clients but motivate them to interact with your brand.

Generate Website Traffic

Generating an increase in website traffic has everything to do with your message to the customer as well as the SEO setup on the back end.  We will make sure you are receiving your fair share of clicks on your website for the lowest amount of $$$

Making Sales by Converting Prospects

Generating a lot of traffic is not just the key to making sales but also converting them to paying customers is what needs to take place. Our services are guaranteed to help you hit and exceed your sales target because we use effective call to action campaigns.

Account Management

We have Digineers that are qualified and excited to manage your social media platforms.  If you need us to engage and respond to your customers we can do that as well.  Many un-managed social media platforms are missing key opportunities to capture a sale.

Custom Social Media Strategy

No matter what industry you are in, Digi Delphi will gain insight and knowledge in your industry specifically based around the current market and what your potential clients are in need of.  Once we learn more about your customer, we will deliver a creative social media campaign that will set you apart from your competition.  Creativity is what we are most passionate about.