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How to properly recover from a Google core update

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Has your website traffic slowed down recently for no apparent reason? Are your conversion rates significantly lower than projected? Did you know that Google likes to tweak their platform a few times a year?

Unless your business is the authority in your space, a sudden update from Google and your website can drop in ranking just like that. Although this is out of your hands, it is wise to stay on top of your website content to minimize the damage.

Once you drop in rankings and lose traffic, it is a process to recover and get back to normal so please have patience. Here are a few tips to consider for your website.

1. How old is the content on your website? Is it still relevant today?

2. Is the written content professional enough that Google would consider you the expert in the subject matter?

3. Are your photos high quality? Are they Geo-Tagged with keywords as well?

Digi Delphi specializes in the latest SEO trends that will catapult your website right past your competitors. Although we love to be creative in designing your marketing campaigns, it would do you no good if your SEO wasn't working properly!

Trending SEO: Video SEO, Mobile SEO.

Solution: Keywords are slowing becoming a thing of the past for ranking on any search engine. The bots inside google are recognizing natural inquiries as your customer would speak them into their devices. Leveraging this knowledge and updating to keyword questions should do the trick!

We would recommend that you use SEO experts when performing this type of technical auditing of your website. Check us out to purchase one time.

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