#Marketing has taken on an entirely new face from catchy #advertisements and colorful videos to websites and social media. As more and more businesses continue to migrate into the digital world, among the popular marketing tactics, some will lose in the rank of effectiveness, and some will rise to the top. If you would like to keep your business at the top of its game, it is crucial to know which marketing tactic works for you and which does not.



Creating content is strategic and requires a considerable level of knowledge. Contents that lack research and grooming will be disorganized and ineffective. They lack direction and, therefore, do not affect your campaign. Poorly researched content will yield no result or appeal, thereby wasting time, effort, and resources. Poorly researched content can further harm your brand identity. Your contents are what represents you. To play it safe, get a digital marketing agency with SEO expertise to handle your content.

Almost 58% of consumers used voice searches last year to find local businesses!

TIP: Gear your keywords to a more natural conversation. Include words like “when, how, where, why, etc.”. Think in terms of your customers daily questions.


Was your website developed more than a few years ago? If so, chances are that the development was geared towards a Desktop First Indexing strategy.

Obviously, the number of mobile users has gone up and will continue to as technology evolves.

Google has already stated that their latest technologies are poised to focus on mobile users primarily.

This could be a chance for your business to capitalize on what your competitors are hesitating on doing.

It may even be wise to create a separate website just for mobile devices.

Tip: Run a search on this link to find out if your website is Mobile-Friendly.


Video content is on the rise and will pass all other content forms by almost 85% in 2020 if not already.

Video #SEO is a great way to ensure that your advertising is getting the most traffic possible.

You can do a few things to keep up and optimize your search results even if you’re not doing video just yet.

Tip: Create a video channel (YouTube) immediately!


It’s not only your logo and catchy tagline that represents your brand identity. Most businesses don’t treat their brand as top priority, and we all know how important first impressions can be.

Your #brand is how the public views your company’s personality. Are you a serious company or a cheerful company? Make sure that you know exactly who you are as a company if you want to grow and have a business that lasts.

Putting out quality content and posting relevant topics is only half the battle. What kind of experience are your customers receiving when they deal with you company?

Avoiding these 4 typical mistakes when marketing your business will ensure your customers have a smoother experience when dealing with your company.

If you are a busy business owner who just doesn’t have time to keep up with the trends and pay attention to all the marketing details, then we suggest you hire an affordable

digital marketing agency that can provide quality work.

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